Financial commitment to business success

Haverhill Research Park and St Edmunsbury Borough Council have a total commitment to the success of the business environment in Haverhill.

Business Rates relief of up to £275,000 (£55,000 p.a.) is available, as an incentive, to all companies who move into a bespoke building at Haverhill Research Park.

Typical cost savings are compelling when compared with others parks in the South Cambridge Business and Technology Cluster and, in some cases up to 38% savings of total expenditure.

The total annual cost savings could be between 26-28%. All occupiers will achieve greater savings with business Rate Relief and also no estate service charge for the first five years.

A typical comparison for shell and core office/R&D

Cost Haverhill
Research Park (per sq ft)
Typical Cambridge
Area Park (per sq ft)
Rent £15.00 £20.00 – £24.00
Business Rates £7.50* £10.00 – £12.00
Service charge £0.25 £0.50 – £1.00
TOTAL £22.75 £30.50 – £37.00

* Rateable Values have yet to be confirmed at the Park. This figure is calculated assuming Rateable Value based on £15 per sq ft. Business Rates on existing lab buildings in Haverhill are currently even less than this figure.

On a building of 40,000 sq ft the average annual saving is 26-28%. The total savings over the term of a 15 year lease could be as much as £24.8m.†

† A discount rate of 7% has been applied. The savings calculated relate to rent, rates and service charge.